This project came to be a kind of passion of mine somewhere in those long months of its execution. But it wouldn't have been possible without help from others. 


Kevin Pham - My production assistant in China, who worked tirelessly with me to see this project completed to the best of our abilities, and whose knowledge of film was instrumental to our recorded material.

Henry Liu - Our right hand man and odd-jobs expert, as well as a pretty fresh bboy.

AxisAo - For his contributions to the photo gallery.

George Zhao - For his initial influence through The Freshest Kids in China, for his wealth of footage he lent me for b-roll purposes, and for helping me out every time I pestered him on WeChat from overseas.

Justin Scholar - Giver of knowledge and friendly creative ghost.

Elayne Tobin - Longtime friend, mentor, and guru, whose input shaped much of this project.

Martin Reichert - Instrumental guidance since before this project was conceptualized, all the way through its completion.