A handful of songs referenced in the project's writings or otherwise relevant to the condition of Chinese hip hop.

yin ts'ang - zai beijing

Original generation Chinese multinational rap group Yin Ts'ang with their breakout hit, "Zai Beijing."

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fat shady - get after that paper

Chengdu rapper Fat Shady (谢帝) on his track "Get After That Paper" off of his new album People, Society, Money.

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fat shady - daddy ain't going to work tomorrow

Fat Shady's original breakout hit, "Daddy Ain't Going to Work Tomorrow" (老子明天不上班), first performed on the CCTV program "The Voice of China", which later reached viral acclaim.

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lao wai - boojidow

This is me rapping about China things. There's some Chinese in there. Come at me Fat Shady.