A visual introduction to the diverse elements that make up the community, from international DJ sets to local breakdance battles.


DJ Jazzy Jeff Live in Beijing

DJ Jazzy Jeff is a Grammy-winning DJ and record producer, whose early work constituted one half of the duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince with Will Smith. I traveled to Beijing to document his performance and compare the city's hip hop community to Shanghai's.


Shanghai DYM Jam Breakdance Battle

A recap video of the DYM Jam breakdancing tournament that was held in Shanghai on January 20. Visible in the video are several key faces from the city's breaking scene and history.


dym jam: Bboy Udon top 21 battle

My own "Top 21" battle at DYM Jam as Udon. In the west, Top 16 is the usual recognized format, but Shanghai is now spilling over with so many dancers that the scope is often widened to accommodate the number of participants.


beijing train g14

An audio-visual documentation of the high-speed train ride from Shanghai to Beijing to film DJ Jazzy Jeff. The music and footage are my own and were both produced entirely aboard the train, while the editing was done by Scholar.Media.


Doublex2: Change your life

Shanghai-based rap group/boy band DoubleX2 in the video for the new song "Change Your Life."

See the interview in The Scene.


bboy udon - shanghai session

A day of solo practice, away from the bustle and noise of the studio. Shot and edited by Scholar.Media on Century Avenue in Pudong. Lots of curious passersby.


doublex2: haze ft. Ai fei

Shanghai-based rap group/boy band DoubleX2 in the video for their new song "Haze."

See the interview in The Scene.


bboy udon vs. xxx at battle-x Shanghai

A 2015 battle held at the Top Toys Skate Park near Yuanshen Sports Stadium. Rain on the previous night had left the carpeted stage too wet for dancing, leaving the participants to battle in the halfpipe. The tournament was sponsored by Suntory beer, so the dancers were all in a decidedly good mood.


Fat shady's viral performance on the voice of china

Fat Shady's original breakout hit, "Daddy Ain't Going to Work Tomorrow" (老子明天不上班) being performed for the first time on the Voice of China. The video would go on quickly reach viral acclaim, launching Fat Shady's career.